Creativity: The Action Map

This assignment almost made me give up on the assignments. But I’d hate that. Once I start something ( other than a multiple choice quiz), I want to finish it.
The requirements were:
1. Watch three possible pains/needs and try to understand them thoroughly.
2. Talk with the people and try to find out what they really want.
3. Make an action map and show it to at least three people to get their ideas/feedback on it.
4. Chose one

I can easily come up with three or more needs/pains. The difficulties start when talking to people is required. This isn’t always possible.
On the forums, I’ve seen meaningful and important projects. Mine seem trite when compared.
On the other hand, why let my ideas be quenched by the fact that there are worthier ones or that cleverer people than I would have had the idea before and dismissed it for good reasons? My small and insignificant problems still want a solution and the action map is a great tool for that.

My first idea was peer grading on coursera. Looking at several courses and the topic being discussed again and again, this seems to be a pain common to the students but dismissed by the organizers. However, making polls or talking to peers in that short time frame until the deadline didn’t seem practical, so I dismissed the idea.
There’s a problem with my workplace’s website. We have a survey there for clients to tell us what we do wrong or right. The return is almost non -existant. It would be of value to find out why and to improve that aspect of the site.
So, here’s my action map:


And here are the reflections for the assignment:

1. To move this one idea ahead, the next step according to the Action Map is the Prototyping and Field Test. Describe what steps you would take to get a Prototyping and Field Test started.

There are several possiblities to make people aware of the survey:

  1. Place the survey more prominently on the main page
  2. Link the survey from related pages
  3. Announce the survey on central internal online and print publications
  4. Advertise the survey in letters to the clients (medical reports, newsletters)
  5. Make clients aware of the website and survey

2. You are either very dissatisfied with the pain/need you listed above, or driven by a new idea.   Call this D in the Change Equation: D x V x I = [delta]

What would be your statement for V – the vision for a positive future?

What would be your ideas for I – how you would take action and implement
new approaches?

V=Better and faster service for patients and clients
I=the points of the field test

3. In the Change Equation, ideally D and V and I are as large as you can make them, so change [delta] is huge and impactful.   What part of implementation (I) will be most challenging?

The part most challenging will be 5: Make clients aware of the survey and website.
Clients in general tend to read only superficially. They will need to see the advertisements everywhere and often to react to them.


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