Creativity: The Branding Exercise

I can’t believe, this is the last exercise already. This course was fun and it just flew by. And it will give me the last certificate I’ll probably ever get from coursera since rumour has it that they don’t give out free certificates of achievement any longer. That seems to have been a rumour from angry participants in a course that doesn’t give out free certificates any longer. So there may be more. Not that I need them, but they are nice and always an incentive.

But anyway, back to Creativity, Innovation and Change. The exercise requires:

This exercise is about BRANDING!
BRANDING is about what you and your project or product or service do and stand for.
BRANDING is many things, such as name, logo, product or service, marketing and many more.
With this exercise, we want you to make a tangible, authentic and relevant item that will be part of your Branding, for example, a logo, an ad and a website or all of the above.
If you don’t have a project, you can draw a color-filled personal logo that represents your true self or selves, or you can write a poem that represents what you stand for in your life and/or career.
You can use different media to produce your branding item, such as drawings, writings, music, video, etc.

Please provide an in-depth description of the process you went through in completing the branding exercise? What did you create?

I started a blog, facebook and google + sites a while ago, mostly to connect with people, but also to share my experiences about online learning and other topics that interest me. Instead of a profile picture I used a small drawing I had done a while ago. Since I value my privacy, I use the handle Gah or Gah Learner.
The next step was to adjust the site. I worked on the design and edited the logo. I am mostly interested in Fantasy and Science Fiction, I read, and write in these genres. To illustrate this, I chose a header image for my blog which I downloaded from Wikimedia commons. It has a reusue and modify free licence. I renamed the blog from Gah’s MOOC adventures to Flights of Fancy – Gah’s MOOCs And Other Adventures. I found the name change necessary, because the blog will evolve over time and ‘MOOC adventures’ is too restrictive for additional topics. Since the blog is at its beginning and doesn’t have all that many followers, I thought this should still be possible. At a later point, I don’t think this would be such a good idea. Then I chose a theme that goes well with the image from NASA. I adapted background colour, header image and logo to make a clear, clean site.
I used the same logo and header image for facebook and g+. I will use the logo on the online course sites, and on other sites where a logo is required.

The blog on

BlogFlights of Fancy _ Gah's Moocs And Other Adventures

Gah Learner on facebook:

fb_Gah Learner

GaH on g+

Ga H - About - Google+

What does your brand stand for?

The brand “GaH” or “Gah Learner” stands for my activities as a learner, reader and writer. It contains a personal element as well. Whenever it is possible to do so, there will be posts about my pets, my garden, travels and life in general.

Was the branding of you influenced by learning opportunities and experiences you had with the CIC course? If so, how?

Definitely. CIC taught me to trust myself and not be intimidated by people who excell at things I wish I could do just as well. I learned that my speciality, something I do really well is: being interested in everything and being knowledgeable about many things. I don’t have one beautiful talent though, neither am I very entrepreneurial.

Will the exercise help you take actions with regard to your Action Map? If so, how? If not, why?

No, the action map is work related, this branding exercise is personal. It ties right in with my life circle for which I chose writing as a driving force.


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