Just a Bit of Social Networking

I’ve removed my Blogloving account, I’m not really the type for it.

I find that ‘The Daily Post‘ is a treasure chest of information for blogging and networking themes. I’m posting this today mostly to claim my blog on Blogloving, and also for a bit of chit-chat. Edit: I’ve deleted the account. By now the WP reader gives me all I need.

Scribbler_1I’ve read many blogs and news pages over the years and happily collected and read them with the Google Reader. And then, out of the blue (with an announcement well in advance, to be fair), Google took it away. So, what to do, which news aggregator to use? There were many that jumped on the wagon when Google made the announcement. I tried quite a few, because I wanted the reader to be clean and simple. The one that turned out to be easy to use, reliable, available on all platforms including mobiles, and which made it easy to import the list of news and blogs exported from Google was Feedly.

Feedly offers a free and a premium version, the free version works very well and I like it a lot. I will still use Feedly for reading news and magazines that don’t create an income from page hits. However, I also read private blogs and comics and other art-related pages from people who do generate an income through ads on their sites, and through page hits, and they lose that when I read their content through Feedly.

Bloglovin, apparently, only organises the sites, and when you want to read the content, you go directly to their pages, but still keeping the Bloglovin frame to help you navigate. This sounds very good and I want to try that out. And since I’m at it, why not claim my blog for that platform, too. So that’s what I’m doing here.

I hope you aren’t bored too much, dear readers. Do you like chatting about tools? What do you use? Do you read your news with an aggregator, through the WordPress reader, or how do you do it? How do you find people?

And no, I’m not being paid for this post. In that sense: Happy networking!