Logic is lovely, so is language.

But… sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. I signed up to the coursera MOOC “Think Again: How to Reason and Argue,” and am also active in the Stanford Online course “SciWrite: Writing in the Sciences”, and while SciWrite is not too demanding yet, Think Again really needs a lot of work. While I understand the concepts when they are presented in the lecture, when I do the exercises, I make too many mistakes. So, a lot of reviewing is in order. The ‘So’, btw, is a speech marker, it shows that what follows is a conclusion. Ha!

Anyway, this prevents me from writing the post I wanted to write about social networking this week, and instead I’ll post a few pretty pictures. 🙂DigBild_
DigBild_  The Datura pretend that summer is still here, although the weather clearly suggests fall.

The first apples are ready to be harvested.


The walnuts are falling…


Calendula is making seeds…


Pelargonium will be blooming until the first frost comes…


And this little fellow doesn’t care about the weather as long as his nice, warm bed is waiting for him and he’s getting a good run once a day.


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