Blogging 101: Say “Hi!” to the Neighbors and Notes on Feed Readers

Today’s assignment is: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

This refers to the WordPress reader, where you can read other people’s blogs, search for interesting sites and look for interesting tags.I have done that already, I know my way around the topics and I’m already following several new blogs and met several interesting new people. So I’ll skip this assignment, too.

Instead, I am posting the long overdue follow-up on feed readers. A while ago, I wrote about Bloglovin and Feedly,  mostly because I wanted to activate my Bloglovin account to try it out, I had read about it elsewhere. Then Bloglovin and Tumblr had a disagreement. Tumblr is a blogging site where many artists post their art, many of them relying on page hits and ads for their income. Furthermore, free providers like Tumblr apparently get part of their profit through the amount of traffic to their sites (and probably their ads) — but I don’t really understand this part of the provider/content generator game fully. In any case, Tumblr didn’t like that Bloglovin got all the traffic, and Tumblr got none, so they blocked Blocklovin. I wanted to find out more before I wrote this post, hence the delay. Since yesterday, they are friends again. Apparently, the sites both get traffic now.

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