And Yet More on Social Networking

Yesterday’s post about Bloglovin sang its praise, and I still say that it is a pleasant and easy to use tool. I won’t use it, though. Most of the blogs I’m following, especially the news sites, aren’t updated in time on Bloglovin. I’m getting posts from September 9 and 10, and nothing new. Some other feeds have newer posts, but not from today. Friends from WordPress I’ve added there aren’t updated either, all I get to see are older posts. The only ones that seem to be up to date seem to be those that are registered on Bloglovin. I am deliberately vague because I won’t spend any more time on finding out exactly what is going on there. It certainly is a good place to make your blog known to the Bloglovin community and find other blogs that are there. As an independent newsreader: not so great.

Still waiting for WordPress Reader to be more manageable. I’ve tested the feed for my favourite news site on WordPress Reader, and–voilá–the newest post is four minutes old. If only there were categories or something to get some structure into the flood of posts…

I also discovered that Feedly has the option to open sites directly on the original blog site, but this has to be set for each blog individually. Still, it is a good option if you want to support your favourite artist or writer or…

Finally, something I forgot to mention yesterday: if you use AdBlock or some other ad blocking tool, turn it off for the sites you want to support. When you block their ads, they won’t get the money for your visit. In Adblock this is done quickly and easily by clicking on the icon and telling it to deactivate for this particular site. This is for firefox, I’m not sure if there is something similar for Internet Explorer or Chrome.

—Edit: I just learned that AdBlock is available for most browsers. And they address the issue of creating an income with sites, and explain how to use AdBlock and still give the site-creators the income. It’s the annoying, in-your-face ads that people don’t want to see, not ads per se. This is true for me and most people I know. Ads give us free content after all, but when a site owner thinks my browser must open five windows with porn ads because I forcefully get linked there from another site, then I’m not really willing to give that site owner the revenue.—

Firefox is still the safest browser, Internet Explorer is still full of security issues and Chrome is fast but wants to grab you, everything from you, all your data, all your activities–it’s acting out what Google has become. Too sad, Google was such a great project in the beginning. But I digress.

More on Blogging101 later.


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