Happy New Year!

winterIn 2013, we didn’t have any snow at all. Last weekend, our snow-less status changed. Snow fell. Chaos ensued on the roads. Children rejoiced. Messy gardens were transformed into fairytale playgrounds.

winter1Maia the dog has spent her first two winters in Spain, so chances are that she had never seen snow before. She loved it. It didn’t stop her from digging, the ground wasn’t frozen.

winter2She has short fur and it got quite cold, so I dug out a coat I had made for Jack. He never needed it because his fur was thick and the last winters weren’t that cold. With a few adjustments from boy to girl, the coat fit. We tried it on right away.

coat1Maia thought that this was a great toy, grabbed it, pulled it off and dragged it around in the snow like a trophy. Lesson learned: less velcro, more buttons. I’ve made a few more adjustments, and now it’s good. However, temperatures go up again and it is doubtful if we need the coat again. But, winter has just begun.

coat2Maia thinks that she is pretty enough without the coat. And with that thought we here wish you all there a Happy New Year. May all your wishes come true and all your resolutions last through the first month. Remember: making resolutions means you have a positive outlook on life. What’s better than that?



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