Random Ramblings

Tesem=Hunting Dog Dog tsm.png

Podenco ibicenco, or any other Podenco=hound is rumoured to be related to the Pharaoh hound which in turn is rumoured to be related to the old, ancient egyptian hunting dogs that are depicted in pyramids and other artefacts from ancient Egypt. Isn’t this fascinating?

maia Tesem_couple

In any case they are sight hounds. I just love having  a dog that could have run around thousands of years ago. Of course modern breeds are fascinating, too. What am I saying. I love all dogs, no matter what they are. But isn’t it fascinating to dig around the history of your own dogs’ breeds or what has to be part of it?

More rambling? I’ll be doing a bit of a revamping of the site in the next few days. I’ve had it with the branding, I went through all the exercises, but now I want to follow my moods again and make changes when I feel like it. So, say good-bye to Uncle Moon and see what the new design will bring. When doing that, I’ll also introduce a posting scheme I hope I can stick to.

And: I really need to clean up the blog. I’ll have a few things I wanted to do when I participated in blogging101, and I still want to complete that. My widget side bar is too messy, I need to clean that up as well. And with that, I’ve already revealed some of my new years resolutions: clean up the blog and make it manageable for me. Other resolutione: train the dog, get back to regular Yoga and lose weight. And last but not least: write, write, write. Which I just did. 🙂


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