Good Bye, Mr. Nimoy

Nothing flighty today. RIP Mr. Spock.



Writerly Wednesday +1: The Pet

I pledge to give and graciously receive concrit

It’s Thursday, and thus time for the Friday Fictioneers, posted under Writerly Wednesday (+1). Are you confused yet?

To the left you find a blade and a pledge. My layout doesn’t have a side-bar, and while I’ll stick this under the Writerly Wednesday page later, I’ll regularly post this in small form with my entries.

Concrit is a good thing. As a non-native English speaker, and writer, I rely on concrit. I need it, and don’t feel comfortable if I post something that hasn’t been seen by a second pair of eyes. Which is what I’m doing here constantly, please forgive the, at times, odd language.

I can’t offer much concrit in terms of grammar, because I’m not familiar with the fine details every language has, details and gems that are often used by good writers. So, if there is an archaic, poetic use of a phrase or word, and I say, hey, your grammar and spelling is all wrong: do you really want my concrit in the future?

Normal spelling, some easy grammar, and most of all ‘does it work?’ you can have from me any time you want.

So, finally, here comes my offering for the Friday Fictioneers. Last time I counted, it had exactly 100 words. Thank you, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, for the prompt.

Here is a link to all the other entries for this week’s prompt:

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Blog travelling: Dogs, dogs…

bootsI’ve read a very moving post today, so I decided to do a bit of Blog travelling and comment on this topic without hijacking the other blog.

C-Dog&Company posted: When is When? It’s about the painful task of pet owners to decide on ending a beloved pet’s life.

Some of you who are interested in my dog-related posts may remember that I had a Border Collie, Spot, who lived to the old age of almost 17 years. He had various health problems during his life, most of which could be handled well. He’s had seizures, diet change got rid of that. Later he had a bladder hernia and only emergency surgery saved him. He recovered well. Half a year later, when he was 13, he had a slipped disk, this was very severe and, again, required major surgery. Back then the vet asked us if we wanted to go through with it.

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MOOCy Monday: This and That

1What is going on in the world of learning for me?

A lot, and not so much. 🙂

I’ve signed up to a lot of astronomy courses, but didn’t follow up. I download the videos to watch them later, always in fear that the courses won’t be repeated and if I don’t sign up now, I won’t get another chance.


This is silly, I know, because by now there are a lot of courses about so many topics on so many platforms.

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Weekend Woofs: Writing 201: Animal (Reblogged from Through the lens of my life)

woofI always like to look at the photographs and general posts of T. Boswell’s (terryb) ‘Through the lens of my life’. But as a dog person, I found this entry especially interesting, that’s why I’m reblogging. I admire people who can write poetry, and combining that with an image–and capturing the spirit of dog the way she does here, is remarkable. I loved it, and I think other dog people will, too.

Maia agrees, and asks her friends to jump over to terryb’s blog and leave a woof there. (Maia doesn’t understand, nor do I, why the Weekend Woof picture is getting cut partway off… odd.)

Through the Lens of my Life

“Make shapes with your poems. Go crazy with enjambment. And pay attention to the animal inside. Hello, Day 4!”

The poetry prompt for day four of Writing 201 is “Animal.”

The form is “Concrete Poetry.”

The device is “Enjambment.”

I’ve been sick with a cold and fever this week and have spent a lot of time curled up on the couch with my dog, so she was the first animal that came to mind for today’s prompt.

Click on the images to see them larger.

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Flighty Friday: Share Your World – 2015 Week #7

Blog Image Flighty Friday - CanvaIt’s Friday again, time flies, so where did I fly this week?

I had fun with the design course.

I had way too much fun writing.

I worked on the Blog, just a bit, finally finishing the theme pages. I still need to pretty up the archive page, add something to the Writerly Wednesday page, and tidy up my images and their sources. I wonder if I should put the whole blog under a creative commons license… Original material is slowly adding up, and while I don’t think there’s anything to steal here, weirder things have happened.

But anyway, onwards to the ‘Share your world, week 7‘ questions and answers.

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The New Friend

Here comes my offering for the Friday Fictioneers. This time, forcing the story into 100 words was a bit of a pain. I hope the meaning still comes through. I haven’t read any of the other entries yet, I hope I’m not too close to other people’s ideas. But anyway, thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, for these great prompts, and the great, supportive community. I’m so glad to have found it. Here is a link to all the other entries for this week’s prompt:

And here’s my take on the prompt:

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Writerly Wednesday: If you can read this, take action!

Writerly(2)Two weeks ago, I started writing a story about unicorns, partly inspired by my take on the maze prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers, and partly inspired by a prompt about unicorns on A Writer’s Path from two weeks ago, where one of the prompt sentences was: Haven’t they ever seen a unicorn before?

Warning: this is not romantic, or cute. Given what you see in movies and on TV these days, it’s probably harmless, but still… the term unicorns may be misleading. The story is neither sweet, nor cute. If you don’t like violence and blood, please don’t read. I’ve been practicing writing something out of my comfort zone, and I’m not 100% happy with it, but I’ll post it anyway. Criticism/suggestions are always very welcome, if you’re so inclined. The Friday Fictioneer drabble will probably come tomorrow, I’m still waiting for inspiration. Enough said, the bloody unicorns are under the cut.

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MOOCy Monday: Still learning design

Introduction to graphic design is still far too much fun. I talked about this last week already. I’ll probably talk about it next week, too.

I’ve done my homework and designed away. I also made images for my four themes. Feedback of peers is good, there’s a friendly sharing and learning atmosphere. And, since there isn’t much else to say, I’ll just show what I did.  Here are the four theme designs. I’m certain there’ll be changes over time, but for now, I like them.

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Weekend Woofs: Favorite Video Friday – A Romantic Dinner for Two

Hello everyone, this is Maia.

Everyone here is wishing you a happy (or at least not offensive, intrusive, overly sweet) Valentine’s Day. Mind you, I’m not allowed to eat chocolate. These hamsters… they could come and celebrate with me… I have ideas about dinner…
(Gah speaking, taking the keyboard away from Maia: I’m fond of hamsters and found this a hoot. It’s from the No Dog About It Blog. Enjoy!)
…ahwoof, yes, exactly. Enjoy!
Your Maia

No Dog About It Blog

If you already saw this posted on my Facebook page, I apologize, but I just could not resist sharing it once again. After all, it IS the day before the most romantic day of the year.

And, what could be more romantic than an Italian dinner at a restaurant with the one you love? Did I mention the gondola ride beforehand? Ooo la la!

I hope you all have a Valentine’s Day as romantic as these two. Just don’t stuff all the food into your cheeks, okay?

Happy Friday everyone!

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