MOOCy Monday and Share Your World

1Not too much going on in the MOOCy world for me. I completed reviewing this course I chatted about last week, it was interesting and I’ll be auditing this course, I think.

Then I’ve started listening in on the coursera course Planet Earth…and You. It’s from Urbana, and the videos are great, so interesting in fact, that I decided to do the whole thing, homework, assignments and all. However, I already failed week 1.

I was busy with reviewing course A, and barely had time to watch the videos. I didn’t visit the forums, nor read syllabus etc. until today. And so I found out that I’m already late and get penalized. While I passed the first quiz, 40% penalty is a lot. I started doing the homework, and can’t pass it just in passing. It is not overly complicated, but long, and needs focus and concentration. One mistake multiplies and leads to loss of many points, because the data and questions build on each other (just like in the real world…) and so I’d have to take more time, and risk another 40% penalty. This is too much penalty for my taste, I’d have to struggle all the time to keep up from now on. And so, I’m not going through with it. I’ll audit, do the homework in my own time (much of the charts can be downloaded and printed, so far), and won’t bother with the forum, which also contributes to the grade. This is another factor I don’t like at all. Encouraging and helping people to participate on the forums: great. Making them part of the grading: absolutely not. I avoid courses that do that. Good thing I don’t need these certificates other than for my intellectual vanity. There’s a lot to learn, I’ve learned more about earth quakes last week than I’ve known in my life.

And since this is all about MOOCs I can report, I’ll proceed to Cee’s Share Your World.

041514-sywbannerI missed it last week, and so I’ll do two this week. Without further ado:

Share Your World Week 8:

Your favorite blog post that you have written? (add link)

Uhm. Ponder. Think. Mumble. I don’t think I’m around long enough… I couldn’t really say. I don’ t know. While I write, I feel the posts to be somewhat… boring. When I look back, I sometimes wonder: did I write this? But to me, there’s nothing that stands out. Or maybe the one I link below. Not THE favourite, but one.

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500? Why?

Getting a good camera, perhaps. Buying some nice fishing equipment for the SO. Buying books for myself, and gifts for friends. Some nice things for dog and cat. 500$ are spent quickly when you don’t have a set purpose.

If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?

Is there an afterlife? I’m not religious. I’m a scientist. I want to know things. I would like to have some all-seeing, all-knowing existence in the universe where I just know… everything. Come to think of it, just like Cavill in BSG, about which I posted here. Actually, I like that post. Could be one of my favourites so far…

Where do you eat breakfast?

At home, in the kitchen.

Share Your World Week 9:

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 

When I reached 27, I was *me*. And this is whom I see in my mind’s eye. Looking in the mirror, and noticing my stiff joints and aching muscles, I know that this is not *me* any longer, but I suppose, that *me* will, more or less, remain until the end. Apart from the failings of the body–I don’t feel any different from 30, or 40, or 50… I better stop now. Maybe I’m a bit more relaxed, and a bit less passionate about things.

Are you left or right handed? 

Absolutely and exclusively right handed. My poor neglegted left hand is neglected.

If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?

Depends on the reason why I’d have to change it. I’d chose something that reflects me. I just could change it to Learner, since that isn’t my real name. Or maybe Gardener, or Wildthings, or Parks, or Water, or Star, or Reader, or…

Where do you hide junk when people come over?

Closets. Just stuff it in. Dish washer, oven, basement. The ‘oven’ trick, believe it or not, I learned from my mother in law.


6 thoughts on “MOOCy Monday and Share Your World

    1. That’s true. MIL didn’t have a dishwasher for most of her life, so, when she didn’t wash the dishes right away: in the oven they went. I laughed, and laughed when she told me, because I was usually considered the imperfect, messy person. My own mother would never have done that.


  1. Very good question. When I was that age, and a bit older, I discussed this with friends, they immediately knew what I meant and had similar experiences. One of them at the time had a girlfriend who studied psychology, maybe that’s where the ‘authority that this is so’ came from. I now looked around and while there are many sites where several stages of developmental psychology are described, I think this one here of emerging adulthood would describe what we talk about:
    We’re still in range, with our *mes*. I think that the fact that some stages, in the Western world, are pushed to a later date for many, plays a role, too. People marry later, if at all, We can have children until nearly fifty, and some have. We don’t act nor look like our grandmothers at around sixty (at least we think so, kids may think differently), we live longer, in general. Mind you, I’m not a psychologist, and this may just be the tip of the iceberg, LOL.


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