Happy Birthday, dear Bloggy!

My blog celebrates its first birthday today. It’s been a good little blog.

I wanted to have a blog for some time, but I had no idea what to write about. I’m not really an expert in anything ‘the bloggiverse’ would find all that interesting. I dabble in many things, but am neither a cook, nor a photographer, nor an artist, nor a fashionista, nor interested in sharing much personal information… So, what does a completely boring and ordinary person write about?

Early last year, I learned about MOOCs, massive open online courses and jumped right in. I learned so much, and was so excited about them: that’s something to blog about, I thought. And that is how “Flights of Fancy” came to be, with my first blog post about the Coursera Mooc “Creativity, Innovation and Change.”

The Shoe Tower project, a fun assignment in Creativity, Innovation and Change.

Part of this course was branding, my blog was part of it, so I used the same header, font and logo for the blog, my facebook, and my g+ account.

That got boring after a while, as got blogging in detail about the courses. So I let the branding go, and followed my whims. Maybe this should be called “Flights of Whimsy?”

Another leg for the blog were my pets, I wanted to blog about them, and I did.

I posted pictures from my garden, and I posted recipes. Then I came across blogging 101. That was a lot of fun. If you are new to blogging and haven’t participated: do so, I can heartily recommend it. It showed me that other people have very similar doubts, reluctance to intrude and not-knowing-what-to-write that had me doubting right from the beginning. And it helped to meet people. Some of my oldest blog-friends I met there.

But before that was completed, my dog Jack had an accident, and we had to let him go. I had to stop blogging for a while, but started again after we got our new dog, Maia.

day3cShe is the best, I could write endlessly about her… but for a public blog, that would be boring, too. She’s doing well, issues are improving slowly, but these changes are gradual and reading about it all the time: not so much fun. I tried writing from her point of view, like I have seen some other pet bloggers do, but I lack their sense of humour and can’t get myself to write in doggie talk. I have no talent for that.

I also tried to follow blogging sites’ advice of introducing structure and a schedule. If you’ve followed me for a while, you may remember antics like Moocy Monday, Writerly Wednesday and Flighty Friday. In general, that’s not a bad idea, but I’m awfully busy, I hardly have time to post at all, let alone post regularly. Besides, I have people and pets I want to spend time with, too.

DigBild_So, I lagged behind and felt bad about it. The only time I followed my schedule was the Writerly Wednesday, and that is thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields‘ Friday Fictioneers flash fiction challenge. I found this a very enjoyable, and educational endeavour. I learn a lot, I have fun writing, and I get feedback from, and interaction with very good and experienced writers. This has given my writerly self-confidence a huge boost, and that’s what finally makes me see that what this here is, is a writer’s blog. And that’s what it’s going to be, without a regular schedule. A blog that focusses on writing, and, if something comes up, a few personal things that are important to me. I think I can handle that better than a regular schedule.

And this is where I’ll go from here. I’ll continue with the Friday Fictioneers, and if my time allows it, post a few other things like Maia updates, garden pictures, artsy or crafty things I dabble in… or just re-blog interesting posts. I’ll have to rewrite my About page, tweak the other pages, rework the menu, finally post my new awards, make a few other tweaks… I’ve learned to accept that my blog is a place of frequent change.

Playing with the blog theme is another thing I enjoy about blogging. Even though most people who come here will most likely hop directly to a post of interest, or read it in the WP reader, I still want my little place on the web to look nice. I’ve been playing with header images, with side bars, with different backgrounds–I have a private blog just for trying out themes before I change anything here. I’ve just changed my header with featured spacey posts, because I like the featured images in this 2014 theme so much, they are a good header already. And two header images is a bit of sidean overload, so I took the space images away and will continue putting nice featured images on the individual posts. That should offer more variety as well.

People is another great thing about blogging. You meet so many interesting and talented people. The connection can be superficial at first, but a more personal connection is possible, too. Sadly, some of the people I met have disappeared from blogging over time. I hope they come back one day. The ones who are here, come, have a glass of beer or wine, grab some snacks, and let’s drink to Flights of Fancy’s birthday.


Featured Image: “HH 901 and HH 902 in the Carina nebula (captured by the Hubble Space Telescope)” by NASA, ESA, and M. Livio and the Hubble 20th Anniversary Team (STScI) – http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2010/13/image/a/ (direct link)http://spacetelescope.org/images/heic1007a/. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, dear Bloggy!

  1. Happy blogaversary! This was a very interesting read as I really knew nothing about you (other than you had a dog named Maia) or what your blog was about. For a long while my blog day nearly dormant because I ran out of things to write about. The “regular” postings that you mentioned… Themes to follow… Are what helped me get back into the swing of things. Of course, my blog is centered around me so I do have a central focus. I think the best thing a blogger can do is write when they have something to write about. Don’t force it. Anyways, I look forward to learning more about you, gah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yes, these routines can be very useful, they helped me, too, when I had absolutely no idea what to write about. But I have so little time, and maybe I should explain this sometimes soon, I constantly fell behind, and that made me feel bad. I’ve decided not to let myself be pressured by internet activities any longer, on the other hand I want to chat with people. That’s me, LOL.

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  2. Happy 1st birthday, Gah’s bloggy!!! cheers and all the best! I’ve enjoyed reading about your journey and I think you’re one of the impetus that gets me into blogging. After meeting you in one of the MOOCs courses, I considered you as my friend, with your honest feedback and willingness to help. Here’s to more years of blogging, carry on with what you’re doing, it’s great! Cheers, Gah!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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