ID the Millionth Animal on WildCam Gorongosa!

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WildCam Gorongosa has been live for just over a month and it is already close to 1 million classifications! The first batch of photos is 28% complete thanks to the dedication of over 3,000 Zooniverse volunteers. While you are hard at work identifying animals, Gorongosa’s scientists are busy collecting more images for the next batch of images, so stay tuned.

Help us get to the 1 million mark by identifying more Gorongosa animals in trail camera images at

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3 thoughts on “ID the Millionth Animal on WildCam Gorongosa!

    1. Yes, exactly! 🙂
      There’s a lot more on the Zooniverse, too. You can count craters on the moon, look for galaxies, classify particle collisions in the Hadron Collider, look through old newspapers, and, and…

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