The Big Secret Reveal

Reblogging this, because the Noodle blog is one of my favs to read, and because Noodle’s people are wonderful with animals and help wherever they can, but vet costs can accumulate quickly.
Maybe some of you do want to help, or maybe know how to find a sponsor for Molly, the dog who needs help. Just check out the blog.

The Adventures of Noodle

We did something crazy.  MOM did something crazy. (How out of character, right? *rolls eyes*)

Remember back in July when Mom and Dad first started looking for a new dog? Remember how they met Molly?


And remember how they really loved her but her medical issues were a financial burden that they couldn’t handle?

Well, Mom hasn’t stopped thinking about Molly. She kept checking to see if Molly had been adopted yet but was always disappointed when she would see Molly’s sweet face on the website. She started dreaming about her and seeing her pictures everywhere (mostly various facebook pages). Three weeks ago, she was at the courthouse for work and there, in the middle of the lobby, was Molly’s mugshot. Dead center of a bulletin board with about 20 other dogs looking for homes.

She got out to her car and called Dad. She told him how she felt…

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