Recommending: The Idea Factory by Ryan Lanz

Every writer knows the Eureka moment when something we hear, read or see causes a bright flash in our imagination and kindles a new story.

“I want to write this down,” grabs the idea and runs with it–usually. But not always. Sometimes,  ideas just won’t come. The writer needs help.

Aidea-factory-2-sm short while ago I had the pleasure to help a bit on the Beta launch team of ‘The Idea Factory’ by Ryan Lanz. To many of my Blogger friends, Ryan will be well-known for his  blog ‘A Writer’s Path,’ where he offers and collects a large variety of tools and information for writers. I’ve talked about his site in the past. Whenever I need information or tips about the art of writing, his is among the first blogs where I seek to find it.

‘The Idea Factory’ is a book with 1000 prompts, but it also is a lot more. It encourages the readers to mine their own story ideas, and it gives good pointers to where these treasures are hidden. If you know how to look, you’ll find that ideas can be found everywhere.

After the section about generating ideas come the prompts. The book has a great variety of prompts from many genres: fantasy, history, science fiction, mystery, you name it. There are serious prompts, funny prompts, and outright silly prompts in there. While I was reading, I wanted to start writing about some of these prompts right away.  Others made me laugh, shake my head and wonder, could I possibly make something out of this? A challenge! I’m sure that some of the stories with these prompts will make their way here to my blog.

So, whether you want to find an idea for a story, flesh out your existing story with sub-plots, find ideas for practising your writing, are up to a challenge, or need ideas for blogging–you’ll find something in this book.

If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for yourself, or your writer friends, check out ‘The Idea Factory’.




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