About Writing and a Giveaway

If one of you would like to have a Scrivener discount, please comment on this post from today through Friday. If there are more than one entries, I’ll give them numbers, and let a random number generator make the draw.

What is this about? Last November, I participated in NaNoWriMo and dutifully hacked 50+K words into my computer. I learned a lot: my plot sucks, my characters are ok, world building is difficult, and where was my plot supposed to go again? Anyway, as odd as it sounds, I’m still not discouraged and keep editing, and editing, and changing pov, and replotting, and…

One of the perks of NaNoWriMo are discounts, free memberships, and other gimmicks from their sponsors. One of these sponsors is Literature and Latte, a company that sells the program Scrivener.Scrivener is a program for writers that lets you focus on writing, keep all your research with your writing, outline etc. I’ve been using it for years and love it, both for fiction writing and in the job for documentation and keeping notes organized. I have a full version and don’t need the 50% discount on Scrivener Nano winners get.

Scrivener has a version for Mac and Windows, and you can download a trial version for free to test it out. It is not an expensive program, even without the discount.

And: I’ve been playing some more with the wordseye… this is addictive. You see one version in the featured image, and here is another one:

Terminator on the Moon by Gah Learner

10 thoughts on “About Writing and a Giveaway

  1. I’ve been debating using my own NaNo discount to buy Scrivener. Everyone raves about it, so clearly it works for a lot of people. But then, I already bought Aeon Timeline with my NaNo discount and haven’t even opened it up yet! My superego is telling my id that I’m not allowed to buy a new toy until I’ve used the last one. 😦

    What is the main thing you like about Scrivener, over putting the whole novel in, say, Open Office? (I use OO Writer because it has a much more useful outline/navigation feature than Word.)

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    1. What I love the most is that I can make a document for each scene, or chapter, or snippet and easily shuffle it around, view it in sequence but still keep them separated. There is a binder structure within the program that makes organizing very easy. You can tag and label each document to your heart’s content, all customizable. You have two sections, one for the writing, these documents can get compiled in the end, and one for research where you can collect files, pictures, characters, places, you name it. I like to have everything there, with the story I’m writing, because I usually have a lot of research with maps and backgroun info and this and that. Word or another office program is good for formatting in the end, that is a bit of a weak point although it got much better. But for writing I think this is great. They have a lot more info on their site.

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      1. It really does sound good. The feature I think is probably going to end up convincing me is being able to save backups/versions of each scene or chapter, rather than having to save an old version of the entire file whenever I make revisions. I guess I’m dreading the transition time and effort to a new system.

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        1. Oh, I find the backup one of the best features in Scrivener. You can turn it on or off, but I heartily recommend to turn it on. It saves a zip file of your entire project each time you close the program, or start it, depending on your settings. You can decide how many of these backups you want to keep. Like every program, Scrivener isn’t infallible, and there have been moments when I couldn’t open a file, or maybe forgot my usb drive–the backups are there, and working.
          Inside the program is a feature called snapshot. If you want to do some major editing and don’t want to have different documents for the different versions, you can make a snapshot of the document which freezes the current status, and then you edit away. If you don’t like your edit, you roll back. It really is an amazing program, and I’m not (yet) using half of its features.

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