Share Your World – 2016 Week 13

041514-sywbannerHah, how’s this? This week I’m early. And since I only posted last week’s post yesterday, I don’t have much to tell.

Easter monday being a holiday where I live, we’ve had a lovely walk with the dog today, in the forest, a bit away from our usual dog-walking area. The weather is more April than anything here now. And here we go, week 13 of Cee’s Share Your World challenge .

Are you left or right handed?  

Right handed, strongly so. I’m completely useless with my left hand.

If you had only one TV, would you prefer the TV in the living room or another room?

The only thing we watch is on the computer, we don’t have a TV. Some shows we watch streaming, but mostly we watch old movies. It’s in the living room. The question, if you had only one TV, makes me laugh. It implies that of course, people have more than one. What for, I ask? Is there really nothing better to do than watch TV around the clock from every room in the house? Arrogant? Me? Naaah… I mean, having computers in every room is totally acceptable, isn’t it? 😉

Have you ever participated in a distance walking, swimming, running, or biking event? Tell your story.

Distance… sports? Eek, no. I mean, sports and me never agreed. I can, with a lot of discussion with myself, get myself to do a little sports, just to keep somewhat flexible and healthy. But competitive, noooo. The only thing I ever did that comes even close was a dog jog (not really a jog, more of a fun walk) to attract funds for the SPCA. I have a T-shirt to prove it…

Complete this sentence: Love is…

makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round… (sung to the tune of Money makes the world go round from Cabaret). Really, without love, what would we be?

Thank you Cee. Where do you get these questions every week? They are fun.


Featured Image ©gahlearner. My first dog, Spot, doing what he liked best: walkies. I did that dog jog with him.


10 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2016 Week 13

    1. There’s a TV show I like and watch the stream regularly. but it’s pretty much only one, and I can watch that on the computer. Together with the news on different channels. There’s time for reading when the TV isn’t on. Thanks for dropping by.

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      1. I do watch the news, but I get frustrated – I hate hearing hour after an hour talking about the same thing (like now it’s 100% Trump) with no substance. I’d rather read the news on line or even a newspaper.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, I do that too. I read several papers (or browse the headlines, I don’t have THAT much time 😉 ). But sometimes I just like the shortness of the TV news, and it’s always interesting to see where the focus is. Trump is a big theme, but in Germany not that big (yet).

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  1. Funny that you should mention the idea of having more than one TV, as my current research is on energy use with residential plug load devices, so just today I am doing analyses on how many TVs people have and what peripheral devices are attached. In California (at least as of 2012), 99% of households had at least one TV, and 83% (!!) had more than one, with an average of 2.5 TVs per home. Whew!

    Liked by 1 person

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