Completely Gone Mad: Off to the Camp.

CNW_ParticipantDidn’t I  announce recently that I have very little time? So why do I now join Camp Nanowrimo, knowing well enough that work may be very demanding during the next few months? Am I mad?

Answer: Of course I’m mad. The Camp was planned I was lured to the Camp by Joy Pixley. Now I’m trapped. 😮

Seriously: Most of my writing and editing can happen offline, in the evenings, during the work-week, then I have time. I’ve joined the Camp because I need a boost to the ‘thing’ I wrote in November. It needs rewriting and revision. I’ve done that on and off since January, but a commitment for a whole month keeps me focused. Maybe I’ll get to something resembling a draft. There’s hope. 🙂 In that sense, happy writing.


6 thoughts on “Completely Gone Mad: Off to the Camp.

  1. It’s all my fault, I take complete responsibility. It’s not that you’re mad at all. Nope, nope, totally unrelated, don’t think about it, hey, look over here, what a pretty bird!

    Now get hopping on that fabulous project of yours, cabin mate! The faster you get it done, the sooner I get to read it!

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      1. That is 600 words more than I wrote today! Well, on my novel at least. I’m brain dead from writing and revising technical documents at work. How bad, you ask? ZOMBIE WANT BRAINZZZ. Yes, that bad.

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