The Book – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction

I pledgeIt’s time for a new prompt for the Friday Fictioneers, which is graciously provided by our Fairy Blog Mother Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The task is to write a story: beginning, middle, and end, in 100 words or less. You can find all the Fictioneers’ stories when you click on the Froggy. Please read, comment, and if you like, join the fun. Everyone is welcome.

I wanted to write a bit of action this week. I’m not sure I got the meaning across. I’d be grateful for feedback on this.

The Book

“Hurry, Mattie, troopers are coming!” Darlene shot one tracker down and bludgeoned two more.

Matt plugged his ancient com-pad into the terminal and hammered out code. Darlene hoped he knew what he was doing.

“Got it.” Matt grabbed his pad and ran.

Listening intently for pursuers, Darlene sprinted after him, hissing, “Down that hole.”

They squeezed into a ventilation shaft and wiggled away at top speed.

“Was it worth it?” Darlene asked when they had reached a safe distance.

“A complete e-book with construction schematics. Everything from historical to solar-powered.“

“For fridges?”

“And freezers.” Matt grinned triumphantly. “We’ll have ice-cream.”

(100 words)


Featured image © Kent Bonham Used with permission for this Friday Fictioneer Challenge only. Any other use of this image requires Kent Bonham’s permission.


70 thoughts on “The Book – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction

    1. They have planted some coffee beans in a greenhouse to propagate the plants. But it will take a long while before they can harvest anything with global trade down, and everything. 😉 I’m actually pleased that you finde the violence somewhat funny, because for the teens in that world, that kind of heist wouldn’t only be deadly serious, but also a dare. And they get ice cream out of it. 😉


  1. Chocolate ice cream for me, please!! 😀 Cleverly done!
    “A complete e-book with construction schematics. Everything from historical to solar-powered.“

    Hmm.. I have a feeling this is not my kind of book. 😀


    1. I’m glad you liked it, thank you, Dee. It may be easier to buy a fridge/freezer with the right ingredients than to get coffee if you don’t live in the right region and can’t trade, so I’m not sure about the flavour. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Your words bring a wide, delighted grin to my face. Thank you kindly, hope you feel better. And ice cream seems to be something that unites people. Maybe we should tell that to the politicians.


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