Project 10K

April was a busy month, many of my blogging friends, and I were participating in  Camp NaNoWriMo in April. Other than the actual NaNoWriMo where you have the goal of writing 50K words during November, the camp lets you set your own goals, and that goal can be for writing or for editing or for both. I was part of Camp Plot Bunny, thanks to Joy Pixley who created the cabin and invited me. We had fun and what I liked the most was the encouragement a group of writers can give each other, and the push the goal gave me. With a little push, establishing a writing habit becomes easier. As all of you who are very busy know, finding that writing time is difficult and only too easily abandoned for something else. 

In another life, when I was still writing fan fiction under another name, I encountered some clever writing challenges that took a busy life into consideration and kept the goal high enough to challenge writers, but low enough to not be too stressful. In order to keep up the Camp Nano momentum, I will set myself monthly goals that I think I can do. These are 10K words per month written, or edited. And if you want to play along, please do so. No one will control anyone, we decide if we reach the goal or not. At the beginning of each new month, I’ll post some badges for the previous month and if you like, grab the badge and put it on your blog, or look at it while you write. In the comments, we can talk about the word count, how easy or how difficult it was to reach it, or whatever else comes to mind. I met my goal for April, as did many people in the Camp. So I’ll grab myself the April badge. If you like it, grab it too.

Project 10K Writing Badge

Project 10K Editing Badge



11 thoughts on “Project 10K

  1. Had I been a good Plot Bunny, I think I would have well and truly made my target, but April was a terrible month for me with work and writer’s apathy. Well done to all of you guys! You smashed it! And to come out of it keeping that routine is a perfect mindset. 😄

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    1. There are no good and bad plot bunnies. 🙂 This busy thing–and a kidnapped writing muse–is familiar. You just step in when you’re up to again. The Plot Bunnies keep at it, just write to Sonya if you like to join the permanent cabin. And I just checked your word count: you so deseerve the badge for April. This is about as much as I can do in a month without completely stressing myself out.

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  2. It was great to meet you at camp, Gabi – a joy. And great to rattle out a good few k of my new novel too in the company of some great cabin mates. Looking forward to keeping up the momentum 🙂

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