Inauguration Speech – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction

I pledgeEvery Wednesday we get our weekly picture prompt for the Friday Fictioneers, graciously provided by our Fairy Blog Mother Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. There’ve been reruns of old prompts for a few weeks now, which is a nice break for the ‘founder-fictioneers’ because they can re-post their old stories. Newcomers like me get an interesting glimpse into the Friday Fictioneers’ past. The reason for the reruns is Rochelle’s third book, As One Must, One Can, which has a deadline in July.

The task is to write a story: beginning, middle, and end, in 100 words or less. You can find all the Fictioneers’ stories when you click on the Froggy. Please read, comment, and if you like, join the fun. Everyone is welcome.

Inauguration Speech

Some of my esteemed colleagues blame our current predicament on the people, calling you sheep that follow the herd. Others complain about voters’ increasing selfishness. I say both are wrong.

Gwen stopped typing. This was too… cold, it wouldn’t inspire anyone. Expressing emotions had always been her weakness. She deleted the text.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.*” You all know that phrase. But only respect for each other, for the needs of the one, enables us to work together, to make us One People.

Not perfect, but it would do for a first draft.

(100 words) *Right out of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.



Featured image ©Sandra Crook. Used with permission for this Friday Fictioneer Challenge only. Any other use of this image requires Sandra Crook’s permission.


59 thoughts on “Inauguration Speech – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction

    1. Exactly. I want to be back in the Nineties, evrything was so hopeful back then… (for some, not for others, merely subjective). I always cite my sources, out of habit. Thank you, Rochelle. 🙂


  1. I can see why she started with the first version, and I can see she was wise to revise. And especially to incorporate a Star Trek quote! I agree, there’s a Star Trek quote for just about everything. 😉

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    1. You need to get on an emotional level, or use something everyone understands, then you have your audience and you can proceed to the more serious stuff. One of the key lessons I learned eons ago about presentations is: KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. 😀 Thank you, Joy.

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  2. I remembered the Star Trek line. Recognized it immediately. It’s actually, “the needs of the few. Or the one.”

    Aa for the character, she needs to look through Chas. Dickens’ wastebaskets where she’ll find, “When life is good, it’s very, very good. When life is bad, it’s lousy.” the (rejected) opening of Tale Of Two Cities … which ALSO figured somewhat in Wrath of Khan. 😀

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I know the correct quote, but in general usage, the ‘one’ floats around often. There are many quotes, but the Star Trek one was the first that fit the sheep. 😉


  3. How to get it right – the needs of the individual and the needs of the group. Not easy. And how to balance facts with feelings – another big dilemma. Huge issues in your story this week – plus a touch of Star Trek! Wow. Impressive.

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