Sammi Cox’ A Month of Mini Writing Challenges Day 1 to 3

a-month-of-mini-writing-challengesSammi Cox started a new writing challenge over on her blog A Month of Mini Writing Challenges.

She provides a prompt for every day in September; participants can interpret the prompt any way they like. The first seven prompts are already posted. Go take a look and join in. Everyone is welcome.

I think this challenge sounds like a lot of fun, but I don’t know if I’ll find the time to do all the prompts.  I’ll do as many as I can and start here with the first three.

Prompt Day 1 – Write a story in 25 words or less about a place you would like to visit but have never been.

 September 1:

Ever since I saw Neil Armstrong step on the moon, I wanted to go to space. But I’m not rich enough, and too old now. (25 words)

 Prompt Day 2 – Write a story in 50 words set in the past that plays on words.

September 2:

“Ouch!” Tony’s hands slipped from the branch, and he fell.
“Gotcha.” Teresa was there and caught him. “Here, have some cherries, no need to break your neck to get them.”
Young Tony  stared. Teresa was older, and so pretty. He fell for her, hard. Twenty years later they got married. (50 words — a true story)

Prompt Day 3 – Write a poem in less than 10 lines about “autumn”.
I’m not much of a poet, I know very little about poetry, but I know Haiku. So Haiku it is.

September 3:

Lazy days ending:
Autumn around the corner.
Sun-kissed fruit waiting.

That’s it for now. Check the challenge out and hop right in. I’ll see you there.


8 thoughts on “Sammi Cox’ A Month of Mini Writing Challenges Day 1 to 3

  1. I love them all, Gabi!
    It never occurred to me to think of anywhere off planet to visit – great take on the prompt.
    The tale about Tony and Teresa is so sweet – even more so for being a true story.
    Your haiku includes everything I love about autumn 🙂
    Thanks so much for joining in 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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