Sammi Cox’ A Month of Mini Writing Challenges Day 4 to 7

a-month-of-mini-writing-challengesSammi Cox started a new writing challenge over on her blog A Month of Mini Writing Challenges.

She provides a prompt for every day in September; participants can interpret the prompt any way they like. The first seven prompts are already posted. Go take a look and join in. Everyone is welcome.

Here come my answers to the prompts for day four to seven.

September 4: The prompt is “phonecall”. The format and length is your choice.

“You never call,” Mum said, the accusation making her voice sour. “I know you’re busy, but five minutes, once a week, surely that’s not too much to ask….”

I sniffed and prevented myself from rolling my eyes. I did call, quite regularly. And I’d go visit, at least once a month. There were people my age who saw their parents twice a year at the most. But, dutiful daughter that I tried to be, I nodded and promised. Mind you, this was long before you could call just from everywhere at any time. Smartphones hadn’t been invented yet nor the internet as we know it. Not even cell phones had been seen by the general populace. You either had a land-line phone or used a phone-box—if you were lucky and it wasn’t vandalized.
I did have a phone in my flat and so, true to my promise, I dialled mum’s number the following week. It rang. Several times. What took her so long? I got worried.


“Mum, it’s me. Are you all right?”

“Ahm. Err… I’m fine. Ahm. Do you mind calling again later? Falcon Crest is on, and I don’t want to miss it.”

“What? Uh? Sure.” I hung up and stared at the phone. Falson Crest. A TV show. So much for not calling…

I did not call her later. But she called me and apologized, kind of. I forgave her, kind of. And we agreed that in the future she’d call me. When she had time. Busy as she was.

September 5: Write a 50 word story inspired by a fairy tale.

She’d always worked hard, just like Cinderella.
Injustice didn’t faze her.
Being good would be rewarded, she was sure of it. She waited for the prince.
He didn’t come, nor did a fairy godmother.  She lacked the noble birth, the looks.
In time she learned to save herself. Like Gretel.
(50 words)


September 6: Write a poem inspired by the sea.
Another Haiku.

Airless. Weightless. Dark.
Wonders never seen before.
Depths of the ocean.


September 7: Write a 25 word story about a method of divination.

Ilonka-Neni poured mocha from the Cezve.
“Drink, swirl, then put it upside down,” she said.
We stared at the coffee grounds together.
“Ten children!”

Von Eaeeae – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0,

That’s it for now. Check out the prompts and jump right in.


9 thoughts on “Sammi Cox’ A Month of Mini Writing Challenges Day 4 to 7

    1. Thank you, Joy. Can you believe it, I had trouble coming up with fairy tales I could use. And I’ve read, and loved, so many of them. Sometimes everything in my head is like one big blob… The divination story is somewhat real, minus the ten children. My parents lived in what is now Croatia, a region where many Germans were settling some 200 years earlier. The area had Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, German and whatnot cultural input. My mum cooked this yummy mocha. She roasted the beans, ground them with a special hand grinder (very pretty) and then cooked the mocha in a cezve, this little pot you see above. The mocha was poured in small cups–a bit like espresso cups–and there always was a lot of coffee grounds at the bottom. This would be swirled with the last drops of coffee, the cup turned upside down and after drying, we would look at the patterns and laugh about all the prophecies we could make with them. I can do all of this except for the roasting, damn… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It is. One day I’ll find all the equipment in one of my countless boxes again, and try to do it myself. I know where I can get the beans, I’ve watched my mother roast them… maybe I can figure it out. After I retire, probably. 😛

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, meant to add — you did well coming up with fairy tales. I would have cheated, given all the books I have on them. I just found my childhood Grimm’s book and have been looking for an excuse (and time) to read some from it.

        Liked by 1 person

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