Sammi Cox’ A Month of Mini Writing Challenges Day 8 to 12

a-month-of-mini-writing-challengesSammi Cox is running a writing challenge over on her blog A Month of Mini Writing Challenges.

She provides a prompt for every day in September; participants can interpret the prompt any way they like. All the prompts are posted. Go take a look and join in. Everyone is welcome.

Here come my answers to the prompts for days eight to twelve.

September 8: Write a story in less than 100 words (a drabble) using the opening line: “I don’t believe you.

“I don’t believe you,” Hu-Man said when Mother E. told him that she wasn’t feeling so good. “It’s all natural, not my fault,” he said. “These are phases, intervals. It comes, it goes, maybe you’re experiencing menopause. That usually causes hot flashes, does it not?”

“So it does,” Mother E. acceded. “It also causes profuse sweating.” Her eyes were dry when she watched Hu-Man drown.

September 9: Write a haiku inspired by the theme “night”.

Love’s tender secrets
Share night’s obscuring blanket
With hatred’s worst crimes.

September 10: Write a story in less than 30 words that includes the words: disaster, potential and misgivings.

“Your song has potential.” Sam praised Rosie’s performance. “I could manage you.”
Despite her misgivings, she slept with him.
“Your voice, however, is a disaster.” He got dressed and left.

September 11: Write a story set in a forest in 100 words or less.

“If you don’t sweep the yard every week, sand will gather in the cracks,” Grandma said. “When it rains, moss will grow on the wet sand. The moss will make soil and keep the moisture. Grass will grow on the soil. The roots will widen the cracks. Once the grass is established, there’ll first be dandelions then perennial weeds, then shrubs, then trees. The yard will be ruined and before you know it, you’ll have a forest growing.”
“And dragons hide in forests together with other dangerous monsters, I know.” Kim sighed and put her book down. “Where’s the broom?”

I think I cheated here and wrote about the theme ‘forest.’ My battle with weeds in my yard is neverending. Herbicides are a no-go though.

September 12: Write a poem about the apocalypse. Any length. I’m so horrible with poems. It had to be another haiku, that’s all I can come up with.

Apokalypse Now?

In two billion years
Life on earth will end for good.
Apocalypse then.

That’s it for today. Check out the prompts and jump right in.


12 thoughts on “Sammi Cox’ A Month of Mini Writing Challenges Day 8 to 12

  1. Great takes on the prompts, Gabi. I loved them all!
    I like what you did with the forest prompt. So if I want a dragon to live in my garden I must stop gardening – got it 🙂
    And the September 10th story – ouch! Poor Rosie. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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