Book Review: From Silt and Ashes by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Image ©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Here’s the second part of my book review excursion. After I learned how important reviews are for authors, I decided to get over myself and write more of them. Original or not, every review counts, right?

I find myself in agreement with most other reviewers of Rochelle’s books. They are page-turners, full of action, with great characters, drama and feeling.

The sequel to ‘Please Say Kaddish For Me’ is no exception.

It’s ‘From Silt and Ashes’ by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.
Genre: Historical Fiction
Very brief summary: The story still follows the fate of several Jewish families, but some of them have now moved to the United States. Meanwhile the terror in Czarist Russia continues and affects friends and families that stayed behind. Read more on the Amazon site or visit Rochelle’s author page.

From Silt and Ashes is a great sequel to Please Say Kaddish For Me

While the second book in the series could stand on its own, it is best read right after the first book, Please Say Kaddish For Me. In this sequel, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields continues the story of Havah Gitterman-Cohen and her family. They have now moved to the USA and face different problems, not the least of them is coming to terms with the horrors they’ve just escaped. Back in Russia, the reader fears for and hopes with the friends and families that were left behind.
This book is another page turner that tells in cruel detail how horribly Jewish people and everyone else who didn’t run with the in-crowd of the time were treated. Again Havah is at the center of events, meeting new people, not all of them friendly. We also get to meet some historical figures, which adds some extra spice. Like the first book, From Silt and Ashes is well written and expertly researched. The characters are interesting, likeable, and well-rounded. Not an easy read, but perfect for learning about history in a captivating and entertaining way. I can’t wait to read the upcoming third book in the series: As One Must, One Can.


10 thoughts on “Book Review: From Silt and Ashes by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

    1. It does not depict cruelty, murder and rape graphically, with all the gory details. But it does describe the terror and the consequences without white-washing, and I was in tears more than once because I got very attached to the people in these books. Imagination sometimes is worse than the graphical description. And these books are based on facts, we all know what was done–if we want to know. That’s why I don’t think it’s an easy read.


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