Sammi Cox’ A Month of Mini Writing Challenges Day 13 to 16

a-month-of-mini-writing-challengesSammi Cox is running a writing challenge over on her blog A Month of Mini Writing Challenges.

She provides a prompt for every day in September; participants can interpret the prompt any way they like. All the prompts are posted. Go take a look and join in. Everyone is welcome.

Here come my answers to the prompts for days thirteen to sixteen.

September 13: The prompt is “space”. The format and length are your choice.

There was a small space under the stairs next to the tool shed. Sarah loved to crawl into that space and play ‘Harry Potter,’ imagining that this was her cupboard under the stairs. Now, Mum was nothing like Harry’s cruel aunt Petunia Dursley, and Stevie was nothing like the bullying cousin Dudley, but that didn’t stop Sarah from hoping for her Hogwarts letter. One more year, then it would come. She couldn’t wait.

One evening, Mum had already called for supper, Sarah saw something shimmer in the darkest corner of her ‘cupboard.’ Treasure, she thought and crawled further in to investigate. There was a crack in the wall and a faint far-away light was shining through. Timidly Sarah scratched at the crack with a fingernail. The crack opened wide and sucked her in. She fainted.

When Sarah came to, the house, the garden, the tool shed, and everything else she knew had vanished. She was lying on a sun-lit patch of grass in a clearing in the midst of a dense forest.

“About time you came,” a high-piched voice squeaked. Sarah looked around. A funny-looking little man stood at her side.

“Where am I? Is this the forbidden forest? Are you a house elf?”

“Funny girl,” the little man said. “Forget about your stories. This is the real world, and we need your help. This is Narnia.”

September 14: Write a story in 10 words inspired by good or bad luck.

“Good luck.” Jill’s sarcasm stung. Dave wrote a bestseller anyway.

September 15: Write a 50 word story set in the future.

When he was a child, everyone predicted that Dave would be a Passive, but he had other plans. He wrote a famous book and was offered his life-long dream: an Active’s adventurous life.
No longer confined to the Feeler he learnt that actions have consequences. His dream was a nightmare.

September 16: Write a poem on the theme of “reflections”.  Any length. –Cruel Sammi, cruel. All that poetry. I wanted to give the poor haiku a rest. So here you have some kitchen prose and gutter rhymes…

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Why did I have to grow so tall?
Why are my feet a size eleven,
Do my outstretched arms reach into heaven?
Tailored clothes don’t come cheap,
That’s why my reflection makes me weep.

That’s it for today. Check out the prompts and jump right in.



14 thoughts on “Sammi Cox’ A Month of Mini Writing Challenges Day 13 to 16

  1. Oo, all so fun! What a funny twist, that Sarah ended up in the wrong book – oops!

    Three cheers for kitchen prose and gutter rhymes!

    I’m glad Dave didn’t listen to his wife. Humph, I say. Humph.

    The whole Passive / Active thing sounds like a much bigger story — please tell me this is part of a much bigger story?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Joy. Hehe about the humph. The story is not yet part of something bigger, the idea popped into my head unrelated a few days ago. I thought I test it out with these prompts–maybe I try my hand at a short story with it one day. 7.5K words should be enough to get into it…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve seen John Scalzi tweet about the lengths of different forms.
          Short story, he says, is up to 7.5k, Novelette up to 17.5 k, Novella up to 40k and anything over thar is a novel. I think it’s good as a rule of thumb. Different publishers may have different standards, no idea.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Gabi! Loved the twist at the end of Sarah’s story – that had me smiling. I always wanted to go to Narnia – or Middle Earth (Would both be greedy?) 🙂

    Go Dave! And his future story sounds so interesting. I wonder what could make his dream turn out so bad?

    I also enjoyed the poem 😀

    Great stories once again! I loved them all 🙂 And sorry for tormenting you with the poetry prompts…*she says, cackling her evil witch’s laugh*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Sammi. I don’t think it sounds greedy at all. I’d like a peek into Middle Earth, too, but only after the ring was destroyed. 😉 Maybe before they all moved West. And I’d like to visit Joy’s Eneana.
      Dave’s story was an idea that came a few days ago. Maybe I’ll follow it up further, not sure yet. My plots tend to evolve into monsters and I can’t handle more than one at a time. 😮
      Poems — I saw, checked the other prompts. Oh dear….

      Liked by 1 person

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