Project 10K (P10K) December 2016

The Writing Badge for December
The Writing Badge for December

The Editing Badge for December
The Editing Badge for December

The I Met My Project Goal Badge
The I Met My Project Goal Badge

The I Had Other Things To Do Badge
The I Had Other Things To Do Badge

You’ll find the rules and a gallery of earlier badges on the Project 10K Page.

So how did your writing projects go in December? Please tell us about it in the comments.

1. Did you meet your writing/editing goals?
2. Did you have fun writing?
3. Did the P10K help with motivation?
4. Anything else you want to tell us?

Here are my answers:

  1. My plan was to edit my NaNoWriMo story and do some writing for the Friday Fictioneers. I did a lot of editing, halfway through my NaNo story, but I failed for the Friday Fictioneers. I missed out on the last two challenges. I hope to get back to it next week. But I’ve earned me my P badge.
  2. Yes, editing while rereading (I printed it) was and is a lot of fun. I hope I still think so at the second reread.
  3. Yes, it’s on my mind and pushes me ever so gently.
  4. A Happy New Year to you all. 🙂

My goals for January are:

I hope to write for the Friday Fictioneers and maybe another challenge on occasion. And I want to finish rereading and editing the NaNo story. I’m aiming for the P badge again in January.

So, enough about me, how was your month? Please tell us in the comments, or link to your blog if you write about it there.

I wish you good luck, many good ideas and a lot of fun for January. I’ll have to think about a different badge design, too.

If you see this for the first time and this challenge interests you: Everyone is welcome, hop right in.


2 thoughts on “Project 10K (P10K) December 2016

  1. Congrats on getting some good editing in! My expectation for this month was that I would get nothing written on my novel, and maybe a bit written for the blog. So I didn’t accomplish my 10K monthly goal, but I did about as well as I thought I would, given how crazy my month was with work and social/family activities. As expected, I got zero words written on my novel — although I have been doing some very useful thinking about a character problem and am excited to get a chance to revise some key scenes. Before I left for the holiday, i wrote and posted several flash fiction challenge stories, and those were fun to write. It was more than I thought I’d get to, although it still added up to only 950 words total, not even 1K! Ah well, other priorities ruled this month. For next month, I promised to beta read a friend’s novel. I also want to revise those key scenes, especially the first chapter of my novel. Plus I want to revise a short story I just received several critiques on through my online group. I am hoping to get 10K in January (and also to conquer all my other problems; I’m very optimistic).

    Happy new year!

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