Not In Kansas Any More – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction

Every Wednesday we get a new picture prompt for the Friday Fictioneers, a writing challenge graciously hosted by our Fairy Blog Mother Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.
The task of the challenge is to write a story: beginning, middle, and end, in 100 words or less. You can find all the Fictioneers’ stories when you click on the Froggy. Please read, comment, and if you like, join the fun. Everyone is welcome.


Image ©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Used with permission for this Friday Fictioneers Challenge only. Any other use of this image requires Rochelle’s permission.

Not In Kansas Any More

I’ll never get used to teleportation. There’s pain, and you never know where you’ll end up. Well, at least I don’t, I’m just a passenger.

The guy who got me into this mess is out cold. Some help.

I know I’m not in my world any more, but this one looks just the same. Except for the light. That’s a real stunner. It’s soft and golden, like a magical veil that’s covering every tree, every rock. I breathe in deeply. This is so beautiful, it does the heart good.

Maybe I’ll forgive the guy for jinxing me here after all.

(100 words)

I pledge


The title is just a friendly wink at our tireless Fairy Blog Mother.


91 thoughts on “Not In Kansas Any More – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction

  1. A story that left me wanting to know more. … Someone needs to tell the tele
    – transportor person to reset the perimeters on there machinery.🙂

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  2. Teleporting intrigues me, especially after going through chemo for an auto-immune disease a few years ago which left me the feeling that I haven’t quite returned. That some parts of me fell off on the way. There’s also that sense that this is a second go. My priorities have totally changed, although that doesn’t mean I still don’t get terribly distracted.
    Thanks for a stimulating read,
    xx Rowena

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    1. I think that feeling of disconnect happens to many people under different traumatic circumstances. I’ve heard it from people with depression or after the loss of loved ones. The thought of being switched from one place to the next is a scary one. But if we really had that technology or magic, I suppose we’d get used to it.
      I hope you are well now. Thank you.

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      1. It was interesting because as I was writing this and looking at those powerful beams of sunlight and could hear: “Beam me up, Scotty”. However, my story was set in the 1930s long before that phrase came into being.
        I am feeling a lot better, which is such a relief.
        Hope you have a great week.
        xx Rowena

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  3. If I’m going to be jinxed somewhere, I hope that it’s this beautiful. Although I wonder if first impressions are not very reliable and there is some dark mystery behind that lovely light. 😉

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  4. Just because a place is beautiful, doesn’t mean that it’s safe, as evidenced even in this world. I’ll be interested to read the longer piece, to find out if there are thunderclouds and monsters on the way, or if it really is an idyllic world.

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    1. Thank you. You’re absolutely right with the beautiful places. Feeling safe is a matter of trust and confidence in self and others more than fact, I think. I’m not sure the story will ever get to the stage to be shown, but it’s great to know that you’re interested. 🙂


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