Project 10K (P10K) November 2017

You’ll find the rules and some of the earlier badges on the Project 10K Page.

Do you need a little incentive for writing more regularly? Then this project is for you.

1. Did you meet your writing/editing goals?
2. Did you have fun writing?
3. Did the P10K help with motivation?
4. Anything else you want to tell us?

Here are my answers:

  1. It won’t surprise anyone who read my last post that I didn’t write a single word, fiction-wise. I’m too distracted. We wanted to visit Vancouver early November but couldn’t, because we didn’t get a tourist visa. Imagine our surprise to learn that our landed immigrant visa is still valid (all the places I looked up earlier implied that you lose that when you’re out of the country for too long.) This just proves that assuming is wrong. Anyway, we need to apply for travel documents, and if we get them granted, we can be permanent residents again. If not, we’ll have to actively renounce our permanent resident status, something I will not do without a fight. 🙂 But, this is a lot of paperwork, requires documents we forgot we had, old passports safely stacked away somewhere and hard to find after three moves. And then we have to write a compelling case for our reasons for why we haven’t returned earlier. Oh dear, wish us luck. If this works out, in the long run, it’ll save us a lot of time and hassle. We thought we’d have to go through the whole immigration process again. Maybe not. That’d be great. To make a long story short: I happily take the F.
  2. I miss writing fiction. I miss participating in the Friday Fictioneers challenge. But I can’t do it right now. No fun, nope.
  3. At least I’m thinking about writing, and keep the blog alive. So, yes.
  4. I’m looking forward to NaNoWriMo stories and everything else. I was bad at replying to you last month but will remedy that.

My goals for November are:

I must write a compelling text for Immigration Canada. Once the application is on its way, I may, perhaps, get back to writing. Or maybe I just sit in a corner, bang my head and bite my nails until I get an answer.

And how did your writing go? Please leave a comment, or link to your blog if you write about it there. I’d really like to hear about your month.

And, as always, good luck, many good ideas and a lot of fun for December.

If you see this for the first time and this challenge interests you: Everyone is welcome, hop right in.


4 thoughts on “Project 10K (P10K) November 2017

  1. I don’t blame you for being distracted from writing, with all of that going on! I wish you luck writing the best essay ever for the immigration board, and I hope it all goes well!

    My goal for November was to work on a new novel for NaNoWriMo, and I did! Hooray! I posted on my blog about my experience getting to 50K, and the problem I encountered: namely, that apparently this is actually a trilogy. Eep!

    I passed 50K on Day 22, and then got just over 60K on Day 25 and actually got to the end of the first draft of book one! WOW! It’s a terrible draft, of course, and I already know about things that have to be changed in earlier chapters to match some shifting I did midway through November. But yeah, that’s as close to a full first draft as I’ve ever done. And so far, I don’t hate it! I am pretty dang excited!

    So my answers are:
    1) Yes, definitely met my goals.
    2) Yes, definitely fun.
    3) Not this time — NaNo was my big motivator this month. Although it made me extra glad to have P10K the rest of the time, because now I’m really going to push to get those 10K in each month. How can I write 4-6K in ONE DAY during NaNo but not be able to finish 10K in a whole month the rest of the year? (I’m writing a post about that now; look for it soon.)
    4) My goal for December is to play catch-up with some of the other writing projects that were put aside for NaNo. Book 2 and 3 from the trilogy are percolating in the back of my head (along with a completely different new novel idea), but I want to get back to revising and (re)submitting some short stories this month. Plus I’d like to get back into writing at least one flash fiction per week. I know I won’t get nearly as much writing done because of the holidays, but I’m still going to try for writing and editing 10K. Got to keep up that momentum!

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