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Hello everyone (who still reads this),

I had to put the blog on semi-hiatus for reasons explained in the last two P10K posts, but semi means I’m still around, right? 🙂 I found this in my mailbox this morning and thought it might be useful for some of you. I’ve purchased Page Four many years ago and liked it a lot but later switched to Scrivener because it works on Win and Mac, and I’ve never looked back. But Page Four is good if you work on Windows, check it out. I’ll just paste the mail without further ado:

Hi guys,

PageFour has reached the end of its commercial life.

But… the software is still alive and kicking in the non-paying world. A few days ago I released PageFour as free software — available to download, install and run at no charge — for everyone and anyone.

In recent months PageFour has been eclipsed by Atomic Scribbler, my new offering for creative writers, and the focus of all my coding efforts this past year. Being honest, it’s fair to say that PageFour development fell by the wayside years ago, as I focused more on SmartEdit and on other pursuits.

You may no longer be using PageFour. You may have moved on to sexier apps or been seduced by the slickness of a Mac. But if you’re still using PageFour, if you have friends, colleagues, Twitter or Reddit followers who might be interested in a once commercial offering for creative writers that is now free, point yourselves or them here:

PageFour Download Page…

No nag screens, no pop ups, no license key. Just a robust, 12 year old app that found its way into the toolsets of over 11,000 writers.

Existing users of PageFour who lose their license keys in the future — no need to email me, just download and install the new, free version. It’s the same old PageFour, only without the paying.

Write on, story smiths!

p.s. Come say hello over at My work in progress.

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5 thoughts on “Page Four Writing Software now free

  1. I’m still reading – good to hear from you! I’ve never heard of this software, but it’s cool of them to do this. I bought Scrivener with the NaNo winner discount some time ago but still haven’t gotten around to really using it. I go back and poke at it now and then, like when I went to a session on using Scrivener at a writing conference in September, but so far I haven’t converted. We’ll see….

    I hope all your semi-hiatus real-life tasks are going well. Good luck!

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    1. 🙂 Thank you, Joy, you are always so good with comments.
      In the past I wanted a mixture of Page Four and Scrivener since both had functions I found useful, but it always was either-or. Scrivener has become really a powerful program now. I love the fact that I can use it on all my devices, and it has many functions. For the slim writing program it started out it may already be too much but I also love that I can stuff everything that might be interesting for a project into the research folder and so be able to find it again. But I sort of ‘grew’ into the program since I’ve used it for a long time now and also use it at work to organize my stuff.
      I like the idea of having Page Four available though and will look into how I can use it at work, since that’s mostly a Windows environment.
      Semi-hiatus is difficult. I’ll write more about that in my P10K post.

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      1. I think the main problem I’m having getting into using Scrivener is that I’m not actually unhappy with the way I’m organizing things now, with plain old Word files and saving docs and backups in plain old folders. So I don’t have that frustration that inspires me to get over the learning curve hill. I suspect that once I finally do get around to using Scrivener, I’ll have a hard time for a while and then learn ways that it’s better than what I had. I have it on my “new year to do” list, especially in terms of putting my new NaNo book/trilogy into it. We’ll see.

        Good luck dealing with your semi-hiatus status, and all the other stuff you have to manage — and hope you’re enjoying the holidays on top of all of that!

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        1. Years ago, when I did more (fanfic) writing than plotting (which seems almost all I ever do now) I really came to appreciate Scrivener. I did use Word and folders and wondered when a friend started searching for a writing software. Scrivener back then only had rudimentary editing functionality but that was part of its charm. You didn’t need to remember anything, you just added files, scenes, chapters and wrote. This is still the charm of Scrivener (and Page Four) although it has a lot more editing functions by now. For someone who is great at organizing but bad at following through, like me, this is a great helper. 😉

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          1. I just realized between comments that I usually use OpenOffice Writer, and can’t remember why I started this novel in Word. I like OOW better because of its great navigator function, which I was just reminded of, trying to find the section of this Word Doc on culture. In OOW, it would be right there on the navigator. So my next step might be to move everything over to OOW, although that makes it sound like I’ve already given up on Scrivener this time around, hm… Will keep thinking it through.


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