Crimson’s Creative Challenge #18

Crispina’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge #18 gives us this image:

I was a bit at a loss and couldn’t come up with anything for a while. All I could see and think was “criss-cross”. That reminded me of my efforts at Zentangle(TM) which I tried a few years ago and liked a lot. I like to doodle and draw, but am no artist. This is a good stress reliever, but I have so many other things occupying the little time I have that I let it go for a while. Looking at it again I want to do it again soon thought. So I give you something that has little relation to the picture except for the criss-cross. I did this on my iPad (buying original zentangle stuff I find too expensive) and the ipad app has all the pens and squares I need. I left it rough since it shows the process.





6 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #18

  1. But, Gabby, that’s fantastic. Unexpected, unusual, and dare I say it, unique. The name of the challenge is Creative, and that’s what it is. As I say in the accompanying blurb, a joke, a caption, even a song or a dance if you want to record one. Let the mind run free. And you have, and I like it enormously. 🙂

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    1. Nono, keep writing. Thank you Dale. I only look for other things because I simply don’t have the time for more than one writing challenge. I peek at the pegman challenge and others, but it wouldn’t work for me. The CCC is very open, if I can I throw something in.

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