MOOCy Monday: Introduction to Graphic Design on OpenLearning

1What does she want with graphic design? You ask after having seen my list of courses about space, and writing. The short answer is: I can’t give up dabbling in artsy stuff even though I lack practice and knowledge. I like good design, pretty fonts, colours, shapes– and wish I knew the secret of what makes design good, bad, or mediocre–which is not the same as taste. And so I’ve signed up for this self-paced course on Open Learning: Introduction to Graphic Design.

The course features the free online software Canva. You find a multitude of layouts, stock images, fonts, shapes, lines there, and much of it is free. The course–I’ve only taken the first two sessions so far, features the program and shows what you can do with it. You are also invited to share your designs and discuss with your peers. There are exercises, but there is no peer-reviewed assignment, at least I didn’t find one. And this is something I already miss. Continue reading “MOOCy Monday: Introduction to Graphic Design on OpenLearning”