Caturday Saturday: Mikka the Cat 2

ofen1Last week I wrote about our cat Mikka, how we got him. Today I’ll continue his story, and how we stressed him so much that he developed bladder stones.

There were several options to avoid stones in the future:

  1. Feed diet food
  2. Reduce the stress level
  3. Increase water intake
  4. Avoid dry kibble

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Caturday Saturday: Mikka the Cat

I’ve been writing about pets from the past and pets from the present, but never quite got around to writing about our cat Mikka.

MVC00023After my father’s death in 1998, my mother lived alone (by choice). Her last cat had died a few years before and she told me she felt too old to get another cat. She was concerned that at her age it was likely that the cat would outlive her. I could tell that she wasn’t happy with that decision; she had lived with cats almost all her life, and missed having them around. And so, after the Xmas holidays of 1999, we asked at the local shelter about their cats.

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