Logic is lovely, so is language.

But… sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. I signed up to the coursera MOOC “Think Again: How to Reason and Argue,” and am also active in the Stanford Online course “SciWrite: Writing in the Sciences”, and while SciWrite is not too demanding yet, Think Again really needs a lot of work. While I understand the concepts when they are presented in the lecture, when I do the exercises, I make too many mistakes. So, a lot of reviewing is in order. The ‘So’, btw, is a speech marker, it shows that what follows is a conclusion. Ha!

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Curanderismo: Mexican Traditional Medicine on Coursera

Dr. Eliseo “Cheo” Torres (right) and Asheninka Mino. Copyright © The University of New Mexico. All Rights Reserved. (http://www.unm.edu/legal.html)

Just for the fun of it, I signed up to “Curanderismo” on Coursera. It is already in its fourth week of, in total, an eight week course. It is presented by Dr. Eliseo “Cheo” Torres and his colleagues from the University of New Mexico.
If you are interested in holistic medicine, herbs, and treatments, then check it out. It may be a bit late to do the quizzes and get a certificate, but for getting an introduction in what Curanderismo is about, watching the videos alone is educational.

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English Composition I: Achieving Expertise

From my Portfolio:

English Composition I: Achieving Expertise

English Composition I: Achieving Expertise “English Composition I provides an introduction to and foundation for the academic reading and writing characteristic of college. You will learn to read critically, write effective arguments, understand the writing process, and craft powerful prose that meets readers’ expectations,” (Denise Comer, coursera Syllabus). I tried to write my assignments in … Continue reading English Composition I: Achieving Expertise

MOOC Chronicles I – The Beginnings

moocMy first tentative experience with free online lectures a few years ago was through YouTube and some free audio lectures on iTunes U. I was amazed and delighted that such things are available. I like to learn, and whenever I read something, write something or watch a show or movie that catches my attention, I want to know more and read up on background in as much detail as I can. However, not really knowing what I’m looking at most of the time, I usually get distracted and jump from one topic to the next—admittedly having learned a lot in the process—but not really being any the wiser about the original topic I wanted to look up. Learning in a class with a set topic, preferably an introductory lecture, gives a good overview and makes in-depth study a lot easier. Continue reading “MOOC Chronicles I – The Beginnings”

Creativity: The Branding Exercise

I can’t believe, this is the last exercise already. This course was fun and it just flew by. And it will give me the last certificate I’ll probably ever get from coursera since rumour has it that they don’t give out free certificates of achievement any longer. That seems to have been a rumour from angry participants in a course that doesn’t give out free certificates any longer. So there may be more. Not that I need them, but they are nice and always an incentive.

But anyway, back to Creativity, Innovation and Change. The exercise requires:

This exercise is about BRANDING!
BRANDING is about what you and your project or product or service do and stand for.
BRANDING is many things, such as name, logo, product or service, marketing and many more.
With this exercise, we want you to make a tangible, authentic and relevant item that will be part of your Branding, for example, a logo, an ad and a website or all of the above.
If you don’t have a project, you can draw a color-filled personal logo that represents your true self or selves, or you can write a poem that represents what you stand for in your life and/or career.
You can use different media to produce your branding item, such as drawings, writings, music, video, etc.

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Creativity: The Action Map

This assignment almost made me give up on the assignments. But I’d hate that. Once I start something ( other than a multiple choice quiz), I want to finish it.
The requirements were:
1. Watch three possible pains/needs and try to understand them thoroughly.
2. Talk with the people and try to find out what they really want.
3. Make an action map and show it to at least three people to get their ideas/feedback on it.
4. Chose one

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BAD – Bold Act of Defiance

1984 Mac commercial
1984 Mac commercial – linked from http://www.heise.de

The MOOC Creativity, Innovation, and Change is getting more and more fascinating, mostly because we all learn interesting things about ourselves. To me this means looking at things in a very different way than I used to. I find the course very inspiring.

Here is this weeks exercise. The assignment was: Complete at least one “Bold Act of Defiance.”

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My Life Ring

The Life Ring assignment is an exercise, where you put a driving force in your life at the center and surround it with key categories. These contain outcomes and strategies to achieve the outcomes. There is also a WIG, a Wildly Important Goal which you set yourself for the next quarter. The BIGs are Building Blocks of an Important Goal and can be done in a few minutes or a day… in any case, they help you to get where you want.

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Creativity, Innovation, and Change

I signed up to this coursera course just for the fun of it and because someone in the Science Fiction and Fantasy course had recommended it. It now turns out that this is not only fun and entertaining but also very, very enlightening. The second week has started, and we’ve moved beyond the introduction and the fun assignment of building a shoe tower towards a more structured approach towards creativity. First and most important lecture: everyone is creative, always, from birth until death. Second, for me, very important lecture: the way we approach our creativity is highly personal and recognizing this, and how other people approach theirs, can help us understand each other better. I still have a lot of reading to do, but I’ve done the Creative Style Exercise and scored 46: Mildly adaptive. I’ll post more on this later after I’ve done my reading, but it fits me to a T.

The Shoe Tower Project

Coursera addict that I am, I spontaneously signed up to the highly recommended coursera course Creativity, Innovation and Change.

The assignment for the first week is to create a shoe tower. The assignment is thus:
Build the tallest free-standing tower you can make entirely of shoes. Also think aesthetically, how beautiful is your shoe tower? How much art can you add to it (shapes, colors, etc.)? No other materials are allowed besides shoes (i.e., no string, tape, glue, etc.).

The first problem arose: I don’t have that many shoes. And: I live in two places and the shoes are not all in one place. This is my meagre resource:


shoes and paper