Flighty Friday: Is it summer already?

Blog Image Flighty Friday - CanvaWe’re having a series of wonderful, sunny days, and it is warm. Last week we had frost, and hailstorms. This weekend we have temperatures of 20° Celsius. I’ve dug out an ancient smart phone with a similarly ancient camera–and forgot how to use it, so some of the images are tiny. It has the advantage that I can take it with me on doggie walks, and won’t be sorry when it falls in a puddle, or gets lost. Maia and I had a wonderful walk, and I took a few pictures. If you wonder about the asparagus: hereabouts it’s mostly eaten in its white, bleached form. The plant is covered by long mounds, the shoots are carefully dug out and cut. To get earlier harvest than May, farmers cover the mounds with plastic, one side is black, to absorb the sunlight and warm the shoots; the other side is white for reflecting the sunlight and slowing down growth. You see workers run around on the fields turning the plastic, depending on the weather and the market. Odd, isn’t it? Asparagus is the best in its proper season, but they get more money when they can sell early. Same for strawberries which they grow here in big foil tunnels. Later, when the prices are low, you can find fields full of strawberries left to rot. That’s when I usually forget my morals and go sample a few… and a few more.

I also wanted to try out the gallery feature. Again, I apologize for the less than perfect quality. Finally…


Logic is lovely, so is language.

But… sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. I signed up to the coursera MOOC “Think Again: How to Reason and Argue,” and am also active in the Stanford Online course “SciWrite: Writing in the Sciences”, and while SciWrite is not too demanding yet, Think Again really needs a lot of work. While I understand the concepts when they are presented in the lecture, when I do the exercises, I make too many mistakes. So, a lot of reviewing is in order. The ‘So’, btw, is a speech marker, it shows that what follows is a conclusion. Ha!

Anyway, this prevents me from writing the post I wanted to write about social networking this week, and instead I’ll post a few pretty pictures. 🙂 Continue reading “Logic is lovely, so is language.”

Curanderismo: Mexican Traditional Medicine on Coursera

Dr. Eliseo “Cheo” Torres (right) and Asheninka Mino. Copyright © The University of New Mexico. All Rights Reserved. (http://www.unm.edu/legal.html)

Just for the fun of it, I signed up to “Curanderismo” on Coursera. It is already in its fourth week of, in total, an eight week course. It is presented by Dr. Eliseo “Cheo” Torres and his colleagues from the University of New Mexico.
If you are interested in holistic medicine, herbs, and treatments, then check it out. It may be a bit late to do the quizzes and get a certificate, but for getting an introduction in what Curanderismo is about, watching the videos alone is educational.

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